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At UCAN, we are committed to achieving our vision that youth who suffer trauma can become our future leaders. We continue forward in this work in the face of these unprecedented times. For many of our youth, their lives prior to COVID-19 were marred by trauma and the circumstances that often followed. As we navigate these uncertain times, our youth still face the issues that brought them to UCAN along with the stress that the pandemic has created. Our dedicated employees, while ensuring their personal safety, are working remotely through distance learning, conference calls and virtual connections to provide needed services and resources to our youth and families, and to remain in touch with each other. Through it all, UCAN has and will continue to focus on living out our mission to build strong youth and families through compassionate healing, education and empowerment.

UCAN Survive

UCAN Survive

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UCAN Survive

UCAN Survive is a program funded via a ICJIA (Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority)/VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) grant that is dedicated to healing and supporting victims or witnesses of crime. UCAN piloted a group UCAN Survive program in which individual clients come together monthly in a group setting to address and practice healthy self-coping skills, self-care, confidence, education on the criminal justice system, and encourage hope for the future.

Transitional Teen Services

Transitional Teen Services works exclusively with older youth in DCFS care to provide the services and support necessary to successfully launch these youth into independent adulthood. In its continuum of services, TTS manages four complementary programs:  Transitional Living Program, Independent Living Arrangements, Partners in Parenting, and Alumni Services. These programs assists youth in a supervised and structured setting to enhance their skills in developing healthy, supportive relationships and reaching self-sufficiency prior to emancipation from DCFS and beyond.